HVAC installation is far more complex than it seems. HVAC which stands for heating, venting, and air conditioning, is used to refer to the various innovations used to regulate, purify, and circulate air in an enclosed space.

HVAC systems are set up to improve indoor air quality and provide the best quality suitable to the needs of the individual. HVAC’s are very useful for several reasons. If you’ve been considering whether or not you should get one, consider these few reasons.

  1. Comfortable Air Quality – The weather can not be controlled therefore it can be exhausting or tiring to wait for the climate to fulfill all your needs. If you live in a warmer climate, there is a chance you love cool air or chilly air. The opposite could be the case if you live in a colder climate. Having an HVAC installed helps your regulate the air quality in your enclosed space.
  1. Multi-Functional – An HVAC does not only provide cool air, it can also provide heating, proper ventilation, and even purify the air. This is an important quality in these unprecedented times. It is important to promote good circulation of air and to purify the air if you can. HVACs are multi-purpose which makes them quite valuable and effective.

We offer HVAC installation to our clients. Our HVAC installation includes pre-installation, installation, and post-installation stages. This is to ensure we do a thorough and well-rounded job. HVAC’s, as earlier mentioned, are extremely complicated, therefore; we advise that you leave the installation process to the professionals. However, we still want you to know what it entails so you have more knowledge about the process and understand its delicacy.


The pre-installation process includes a home visit and an estimate.

The home visit is extremely important because modern air-conditioners are up to 50 percent larger than older ones. This means that if you are replacing your old HVAC unit, you may need to select a new location for the new one because it is likely that the sizes are different. It may also need to be moved depending on the state or city you live in. Some locations have guidelines concerning the location of the unit and some require that it be close to the utility meter. These are things to consider before selecting an HVAC unit. During the home visit, we will also examine your existing HVAC unit to see how much of a change will be done to the system already in place. Once this information is collected, we give it to our installation team.


We will message or call you before our team arrives at your home and include short bios of our installation team so that you can feel safe with our team.

Once we arrive, we will provide you with a folder that contains the job information and we will review it with you to make sure everyone understands what will happen.

While this is ungoing, the tools for the installation will be prepared and safety precautions will be taken. This includes turning off electrical circuits as well as the gas supply to the already existing HVAC equipment.

Next, we will remove your existing air conditioning system if you have one. Members of our team are EPA certified which is necessary to legally remove the refrigerant in your old unit and place it safely into a recovery tank.

Next we will replace the disconnect box and the whip of the now old air-conditioning system and replace it with a new one.

We will then place the composite pad, which is a seat, for the HVAC system and place the system on top of it. We will also remove the existing indoor evaporator coil and the copper refrigerant line set. Then we replace them with new ones.

We then move on to set the condenser, install the filter dryer, and braze with nitrogen. Finally, we install the new high- and low-voltage wiring and the condensate drain line. We test it and conclude our clean up process.


Alongside our HVAC installation services, we also offer maintenance services. Maintenance is the best way to reduce repairs and ensure your unit lasts long. Reach out to us today and let’s get started.