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Homeowners and buyers get appealed by cozy materials like wood-burning fireplaces. If you are looking for saving money on heating costs, you can go for fireplaces. You will agree that anything valued needs maintenance, so does your fireplace;

it needs care regularly. Because the more wood burns up, the more it leaves creosote and soot on the chimney walls. Thereby encouraging the build-up of pose fire and health hazards.

It is necessary to implement a periodic inspection and cleaning to protect your home. The National Fire Protection Association recommends an annual cleaning. However, the user determines if there will be a frequent cleaning.

A person that performs the cleaning is regarded as a chimney sweep. To determine the cleaning period, the person will have to inspect and evaluate your chimney.

Therefore, we will consider some factors that determine the cost of a chimney sweep and decide when you need a chimney sweep.

Factors That Determine The Cost Of Chimney Sweep:

Various things determine the final cost of a chimney cleaning, but the national average price is $252. A lot of work will be needed if it has been long since the chimney was cleaned, which means higher cost, mainly when the fireplace is used often. The price of chimney cleaning can also be affected by accessibility.

The job becomes a little more dangerous and complex when there is a steeply pitched roof. If it is not only cleaning but repair I involved, the price will go higher. For example, installing a chimney cap or damper, removing an animal, removing other debris, or fixing the flashing.

Chimney Sweep Cost:

Sometimes, the inspection cost can become extra, especially if the chimney has undergone structural damage. There are different charges for each company. Some direction hourly while other company cost offers a flat rate and can have package deals in which inspection and sweeping are included.

  • Chimney Inspection:

There are three levels of inspection, and the cost ranges among the three. Which are as follows:

  • The first level is typically included in the price of cleaning. It is part of the basic inspection for the chimney, which is to make sure there is proper cleanliness and good repair. It also checks the exterior visually and ensures they are in good condition.

The fireplace components are not left aside, including anything that can be seen in the interior by using a flashlight.

  • The second level of inspection has a higher cost and complexity. Before you make any structure repairs, it is required to retrofit another heating component style or reline the flue. It consists of scanning the interior surface through video to make a detailed assessment.
  • Level three I the most expensive inspection. It is usually done when there is an occurrence of structural damages. It is significantly cost because deconstruction might need to know how much the damage has occurred.


It is difficult and dangerous to access the roof with sharp, high peaks or a steep pitch, which leads to a higher cost. If it is difficult for the chimney sweep to reach out the chimney by ladder or to get to the chimney safely, it can make the cleaning of the duct to be more expensive.

Method Of Cleaning Chimney:

It is from bottom-up or top-down the chimney sweeps works. Less mess occurs when the chimney works from the top-down because it can quickly seal off the fireplace with tarps to avoid debris and soot to make a mess from the inside in the home.

Chimney sweeps can decide a wire brush attached to the flexible rod, which gives an extension to the flue for the scrubbing of the interior walls to be possible no matter the direction. Or, instead of rods, You might use a system of weights and ropes. The procedure is usually done from the top. But the skill doesn’t affect the cost.


Many signs are provided for us to know if a chimney needs cleaning. When you see smoke in the house, it clearly shows that the flue is not functioning well. Hearing noises like clicking, rumbling, or popping shows a chimney fire. Fuel odours, the damp, discoloured ceiling might indicate damage, and much more.

Hence, it is appropriate to regularly check your chimney by inviting a chimney sweep to help your chimney effectively without damage.